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Hello, my name is Kara.  I was born and raised in Selkirk Manitoba.  I call Manitoba home and I also feel at Home out west of Canada too.  I feel at home in many places on this planet we live.  I take time to breath through all the things that I love which brings me such a great life. Through music I enjoy interacting with the world around me and singing with nature. When I was younger my parents gifted me Violin Lessons and Piano Lessons.   I first began playing flute in grade 5.  I noticed that I would be quite short of breath after some classes and decided to switch to percussion.  There I played with the rhythms, dynamics, and energies of the players around me.  I Played in JR and SR Symphonic Bands.  

I self Taught myself the Ukulele and would play and sing for people during car rides or campfires or sitting on mountain sides or by the water.  This was a generally simple instrument to carry around as it would fit in my backpack, and I could take it most anywhere with me.  

My friend Sky Lintott let me play his Harp one day and I found the instrument extremely interesting.  I would continue to play his harp when I would go to visit him.  This intrigued me and I began to collect my own harps in whichever form I could acquire them.  At first, I played a few different types of Auto Harps and then one day I was going to be playing a show at X-Cues and I wanted to play my Auto Harp and realized that there were a few strings that had broke and that a friend had misplaced or borrowed my tuning peg.  

I was slightly overwhelmed and then I started to breath and a friend had told me that I could rent instruments from Long and McQuade.  I really did not realize that one could do that until I could have really used a functioning instrument.  I Showed up and rented a 26 String Upright Harpsicle Harp for 8 Dollars for the weekend.  It was Amazing.  Yet I had never played this type of harp before and had acquired it about 1 hour before the show was about to start.  


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Kara Hummelt
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 647 2099

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