Tommy Douglas Keenan

Folk Indie Singer/songwriter

Tommy Douglas Keenan


Praise for Tom(my Douglas) Keenan's Romantic Fitness:

“Keenan’s wonderfully dark lyrics complement the seemingly uplifting, light-hearted folk ballads” - Stylus Magazine, Winnipeg

“Enough to sell even the most cynical listener on the virtues of folk music”
- T.O. Snobs

“He has an enviable way with melody and a stellar sense of place”
- Winnipeg Free Press

“Actually feels like a workout for the heart… a fantastic album”
- Gateway Magazine, Edmonton

The songs of Tommy Douglas Keenan (aka Tom Keenan) are smirks of longing and shrugs of heartbreak. Since his debut album Romantic Fitness, he has been splitting his time between his acting career and other music projects, such as collaborating with Royal Canoe's Matt Peters on their Heavy Bell project.

Now it's time for a TDK single: Rich People comes out on November 4th. It is a swooping song about the exhilaration of crashing a party, and forgetting that you don't actually belong. Of course it's about love, too.

It was produced by TDK and Matt Peters, and features Matt on piano and bass, Derek Allard on drums, and Natalie Bohrn on backing vocals.


Rich People



"Rich People" from Rich People



"In Love With a Lake" from Single


In Love With a Lake by Tommy Douglas Keenan

100 Hours by Tommy Douglas Keenan

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