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Truck-Driving Country sits firmly on the fringe of country sub-genres. But as specialized as it is, it’s a timeless sound, committed to social memory by the leaders of the genre, like Dave Dudley and Red Simpson. In the same way that ketchup and mustard can live together on a sesame seed bun, so do stories of the long haul coupled with a the straight ahead driving groove - often metaphors for dealing with life’s hurdles.

It’s a lonely road no doubt, and while I do not possess a Class 1 license nor the prowess to sit behind the big wheel, I can relate to the struggles and sentiments expressed in these songs. I do not understand all of the colloquial trucker slang and references in these songs – and that’s part of what draws me to the genre. It’s niche, and it probably isn’t for you, but one thing’s for certain and it’s that We Gotta Lotta Truckin’ To Do.

Sean Burns & Lost Country are bringing the sounds of the highway to you on September 4 via


Sean Burns
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 915 5972



Sean Burns & Lost Country | Keep On Truckin' (Live) by Sean Burns

Sean Burns | Daddy Was an Auctioneer by Sean Burns

Sean Burns & Lost Country: "Invitation to the Blues" (Live) by Sean Burns

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Sean Burns & Lost Country: "Big Freightliner" by Sean Burns

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Sean Burns & Lost Country: "Have You Seen That Train" by Sean Burns

Lonesome Again by Sean Burns

Sean Burns w/ Grant Siemens: "Don't Let The Highway Get You Lost" (Live) by Sean Burns

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