Past song of the week / March 2020

Juniper Bush

From the album Healing Through A Sonic Figure

Featured track, available from March 19 to March 27

The Song of the Week has always been a celebration of new music and a way to highlight upcoming live shows and events. Now we’re finding ourselves in a different reality, in which many (many, many) artists are facing cancellations and upheaval amid the global COVID-19 crisis. We will keep featuring new releases by local artists to discover and support. 

Indie outfit Juniper Bush was all set for tour dates and the launch of their debut full length. Now, they're busy thinking of new ways to connect with music fans online. This week, they're sharing their tune "Foresight" off the upcoming album Healing Through A Sonic Figure. The track recently got video treatment (watch it below) and a nod from Beatroute. Turn it up loud and let it soak in. Stay tuned for their third single, "Turn", on March 27. And on April 3, you can get your ears (and dollars) on the whole album... check out the presale via Bandcamp.

There's a lot of stellar local music to discover and support. Come back every Thursday for more!


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