Past song of the week / September 2020

Onna Lou
"Que hiciste con mi querer (Live at the Park Theatre)"

From the album Que hiciste con mi querer (Live at the Park Theatre)

Featured track, available from September 10 to September 18

Onna Lou has a very busy fall planned with live shows, streamed performances, and new music. The Buenos Aires-born singer/songwriter will take the stage at X-Cues on September 19 for Argentinean Night in the Peg along with Julian Vidal and Gabriela Ocejo. You can catch her live at the West End Cultural Centre as the featured singer in Philippe Meunier's Quartet for the Cookin' dinner and a show on October 9. She brings her fusion of Latin pop-rock with Argentine Folk, jazz, Latin American rhythms, tango, and flamenco online for a Facebook Live concert on September 18 and you can look for her weekly concert series on Instagram starting September 22. Stay tuned for the release of her interview and live performance at Ethno Fest 2020, filmed in August at King's Park by U Multicultural Channel. Coming up next month, she'll release her next single, "Océano profundo", and a music video filmed in Ontario and Manitoba. For you this week, we have her original tune "Que hiciste con mi querer" recorded live at The Park Theatre for the "Thanksgiving from the South"  show, produced with the support of Manitoba Arts Council Performance Grant. Press play and keep your ears open for more from Onna Lou.

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