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Tyler Del Pino


He may look like your tatted up boy-next-door, but Manitoba’s Tyler Del Pino has always found it a little difficult to fit in. Perhaps it was growing up in different cities across Canada as the son of a constantly relocating police officer. or his tendency to overanalyze and unapologetically reveal his beliefs. Perhaps it's the polarizing effects of obtaining a music degree, then working full-time as a middle school teacher to pay for the obsession of perfecting his craft and articulating his love for the song to the masses - whatever the reason, there is something special that separates Tyler Del Pino from his counterparts.

With a ripping guitar and a pure passion for songwriting, Tyler Del Pino’s sound is infused with optimism, a hybrid of alt-folk and Canadiana-pop, blurring the lines and breaking genre moulds, while staying true to the roots of timeless tunes. File him beside Sheryl Crow for his Americana-meets-anti-country attitude, Keith Urban for his polished precision, and Sam Roberts for thoughtful themes from a born and bred Canadian boy. Jam-packed with unforgettable hooks and anthemic sing-alongs, The Great Unknown marked TDP’s solo debut in 2018 earning him an abundance of festival, touring, and performance opportunities throughout North America. His upward climb continues as he removes his teacher hat to reinvent his art, release a collection of tunes, and capture hearts with thought-provoking subjects and rosy melodies. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this charming, Canadian troubadour.



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