Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 5:30pm
Eric Lemoine, The F-Holes
Lindsey Collins, Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers
Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers
The F-Holes
Manitoba Music Resource Centre
1-376 Donald St, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Manitoba Music



Lindsey Collins and Eric Lemoine definitely march to the beat of their own drum. In the truest sense of the DIY attitude, both have successfully managed to book hundreds of shows for their respective bands and other artists without the aid of a major booking agent. In this workshop, participants will find out how they were able to go from putting together sketchy four show tours to spending multiple weeks on the road. This is quite a feat for any indie artist considering that many major label artists with a full team of agents, managers, and publicists still have to kick and scratch their way onto the national touring landscape.

About Lindsey Collins 

Lindsey Collins has been booking tours for Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers since 2008, when he nearly landed the band an opening slot for Sam Roberts at Queen's Universities during orientation week. The band has been touring regularly ever since, consistently hitting the road several times a year. This fall will mark Flying Fox's 11th tour, bringing the band very close to playing 200 gigs across Canada and the Northwest USA.

About Eric Lemoine

Eric Lemoine exemplifies everything DIY. Since his involvement in the music industry, he has booked and promoted 14 Canadian tours for the F-Holes, and is now expanding as booking agent, grant writer, and publicist for other Manitoba acts such as Red Moon Road, Hollerin' Pines, Demetra and Sol James. In 2012, Eric founded his own record label, Morning Noise Records, alongside fellow F-Hole Blake Thomson.

Roland Deschambault, Training Coordinator Manitoba Music
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