Wed, Jan 29, 2020 at 7pm
Alethea Beetson, BIGSOUND
Chelsey Jodoin + Jaaji, Twin Flames
Curtis Running Rabbit-Lefthand, Indigenous Resilience in Music (IRIM)
David McLeod, NCI FM
Elaine Bomberry, Artist Manager
The Forks South Aisle
1 Forks Market Rd, Winnipeg, MB
Manitoba Music

Presented by Indigenous Music West

This will be a conversation, for a broad audience, about the music industry, from an Indigenous perspective with the direction of conversation moving towards Indigenous identity and labels within music, marketing, and presentation. We’ll discuss the role of ceremony, Elders, youth, women, men, children, two-spirit, family, community, and how the music industry can learn from this. We’ll also cover cultural appropriation, reconciliation, and the autonomy and identity among artists and industry professionals who identify as Indigenous and how this contributes to their music career.

Part of January Music Meeting

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