Monitor Mix: Peer Mentor Groups

Monday, Apr 6, 2020
Zoom (online)


This is an ongoing mentorship opportunity with the first sessions beginning the week of Apr 6.

Manitoba Music is offering Peer Mentor Groups to members who are interested in creating community and learning more about the music industry in a small group setting. Peer Mentor Groups will allow participants to share ideas, networks, resources, and advice with each other, while receiving guidance from an artist or industry mentor who can speak from real experience. Lead mentors will host a monthly gathering with their small group to discuss questions, challenges, and triumphs as they work towards a career in music, in a safe and accepting environment. Groups will be no larger than eight people to promote connections within the group and maintain confidentiality.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out this form so we can place you in a Peer Mentor Group which is most relevant to your music career journey.

• Peer Mentor Groups will meet online via Zoom

• All those who sign up will be placed in a group that is best suited for their experience level and goals

• Scheduling is flexible, based on availability of the participants

• Mentors and group members are expected to participate in every monthly meeting, except in exceptional circumstances

• Groups will begin meeting the first week of April, 2020

• We will contact participants within two weeks of their submission with more information

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