Katrina Van Humbeck

Katrina Van Humbeck

Broadway/Theatre Classical Jazz Singer/songwriter


Katrina Van Humbeck
Winnipeg MB Canada
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Katrina Van Humbeck is a Winnipeg, based Singer/Songwriter/Pianist, Music & Theatre Performance Educator.  She was raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, although she was born in Czechoslovakia, now known as Slovakia, and immigrated to Canada as an infant.  Katrina’s debut album, Blue & Beyond, was released in February 2017 and is comprised of her originals. composed in the Jazz style, as it contains ballads, features instrumental solos, and is thematically, Jazz.  This soprano songstress may be viewed as a “Crossover Artist,” as her music embodies her full classical voice, and unmistakable flare for Musical Theatre.  Working along side her to record and produce this album are some of Winnipeg’s best-known Jazz artists, including Dr. Richard Gillis (Trumpet/Head of Brass at the U of M, Founder of the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra), Jonathan Alexiuk (Jazz Pianist/Arranger/Producer), and Helen White  (Jazz Performer, Stylistic Coach and Producer). 

Although newer to the Jazz performance scene, Katrina is no stranger to the stage.   She has been performing most of her life, as a singer, actor, and recently, a model. Many have made comment that she was “Born for the Stage.”  Katrina performs around Winnipeg at coffee shops, theatres, and “live music” welcoming venues.  Katrina’s music and performance style have been described as heartfelt, beautiful, genuine, contemplative, emotional, sultry, sexy, and fun.  Her album, Blue & Beyond, is presented as a Story of Longing, Love, Loss and Beyond.  It has been noted to send listeners on an emotional roller- coaster, spanning the gamut of laughter, tears, and joy. A favorite comment from a listener is, "Katrina sounds like a Disney Princess."       

As an educator, Katrina has taught Music and Drama at all levels, from Pre-School up to Grade 12, in both public and private schools.  Katrina possesses a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Theatre and Music Performance from the University of Winnipeg, and a Bachelor of Education in Theatre and Music from the University of Manitoba. Katrina’s classically trained voice lead to numerous years of performing as a church soloist and chorister, a participant in the Winnipeg Music Festival, The Little Opera Company, Opera Manitoba, and various University and community choirs.  Katrina currently sings in the worship choir at her home church.    

Katrina continues her life long journey of musical growth, while studying private voice, Jazz piano, and composition.  She hopes for many more performance opportunities to share her music and promote her debut album, Blue & Beyond.   

Katrina resides in Winnipeg, MB. Canada, with her husband, Marc, and their three sons, who, like their Mom, are also aspiring musicians! 


My Mother, Elizabeth Veres, passed away on Thursday, February 25th, 2016. only eight days after discovering that she had wide spread cancer throughout her body. At that time, I had known that I wanted to pursue my own singing and piano performance once again. My aspirations went as far as singing Jazz standards and Musical Theatre.  I never imagined myself a “songwriter.”

On the morning of Sunday, June 13th, 2016, I felt inspired to write lyrics for my first song, I’LL WATCH YOU GO. a song which speaks of my Mother’s death.  Tears rolled down my cheeks, as I realized that this was something that I not only wanted to do, but felt compelled to do.  I spent the better part of that summer writing lyrics and piano chord arrangements for the songs that are included on this album, Blue & Beyond, and for more scores toward my next project.

Tragedy affects us all in different ways.  In my case, it released unknown abilities, creative inspiration, and vast emotions. I now laugh louder and more frequently, have freedom to cry, and feel things deeper than I ever have before.  The song collection included on this album, “Blue & Beyond”-A Story of Longing, Love, Loss and Beyond- are personal. yet also reflect my attempts at capturing the essence of the soulful Jazz Artists that I so admire.  

The initial inspiration for this album came from my Mother’s death, and my need to express my sentiments in words and melody.  Further inspiration came from fellow musicians, my family, and personal life experience.

I lovingly dedicate this Album, Blue & Beyond, to my Family, and to my Mother, Elizabeth Veres’ memory and legacy.



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