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Adiyo is a Congolese-born fast-rising singer, songwriter, and music producer based in Winnipeg, Canada, where she's popularly known for her ground-breaking sounds. She came into the music-making game to express her ever-burning passion for music.

The development of her unique style of music resulted from a lifetime of musical influence she received - she grew up surrounded by and loving Congolese rumba and the symphony. Moreover, World, Singer-songwriter, and R&B genres of music heavily influence Adiyo. Her passion for music also streams from her motivation from major headliners and prominent music and entertainment industry artists. To mention a few, musicians like Toni Braxton, Sade, and Ms. Lauryn Hill inspire her music career.  

In a music era where trendy sounds are game, she appreciates showcasing incredible creativity and passion in her music. Bent on creating highly narrative and relatable music, she draws inspiration from real-life experiences and her on-the-spot creative prowess while utilizing Afro melodies and mixing in Orchestral instruments- a combination she coins as AfrOchestral. 

Whenever she takes center stage, there's no limit to her flair.
She passes messages that resonate from an honest and genuine desire to inspire many with heart-melting lyrics and voice. 

In addition to her love for music-making, Adiyo is an avid advocate for Mental health. She co-founded, a Mental Health & Lifestyle blog supporting Black women.


Georgette Topangu
MB Canada
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