Gator Beaulieu

Gator Beaulieu



Gator Beaulieu
Winnipeg MB Canada
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Gator Beaulieu is a family man with three young children and a loving wife. Gator and his wife Natalie are both advocates for Rett Syndrome which is a Non-inherited genetic ppostnatal neurological disorder which occurs almost exclusivley in girls. Gator and Natalie's Daughters , Ainsleigh and Kayleigh were diagnosed in March of 2018. Their son Ethan has already picked up a fiddle and guitar and wouldnt you know it, is singing all the time.

Gator is originally from Ebb and Flow First Nation (Momma's Home) AND Sandy Bay First Nation ( Daddy's Home) though now resides in the BIGCITY.

Gator Beaulieu is an Anishinaabe man with a musical fire has always been in Gator's blood. Just llike his Grandpa Frank Beaulieu Sr (Gator's name is actually Frank the Third) who playeed in the honky tonks and prarie circuit in his glory days.

     Gator's musical influences from an early age were Johnny Cash, Billy Jo Green, George Leach, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Merle Haggard

    "My Love for the stage isn't going anywhere, and as long as there's someone out there listenin I'm gonna keep on playin. Even if no one's listenin you'll find me with a guitar in hand singin a tune.'




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