Silas Presley

Indie Pop R&B Rock


Silas Presley is a young musician from the Canadian prairies beholding a vast sonic space for all generations. Though he is only 17, Silas has always been a unique and calm soul with many different musical influences from both the past and the present. 


Silas was raised on the blues greats such as ‘BB King’ and ‘Stevie Ray Vaughan.’ Though Silas was first a bassist, it was ‘Jimi Hendrix’ that inspired him to pick up the guitar, with his signature “voodoo child” sound, distorted “wah-wah” guitar riffs, and his innovative use of feedback. 


Silas’ musical journey started with him playing bass guitar in blues band ‘Porch Whiskey,’ with his Father, Rob Geworsky, and cousin, Chris Geworsky, from a very young age. During his early high school experience, Silas formed two bands of his own. ‘Controlled Chaos Trio’ and ‘Wyld Days.’ In February of 2019, Silas and his band, ‘Controlled Chaos,’ released their first and only single, “There Goes My Girl,” featuring all three members on vocals. After the breakup of the band, Silas joined ‘Wyld Days’ as a songwriter, bassist, and keyboardist. They released their self-titled EP in May of 2020, and in June of that year, their song ‘Meet Me There’ was featured on Winnipeg’s rock radio station, Power 97. 


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Silas’ summers were filled with his band’s performances at outdoor festivals, competitions, and fundraisers, but when the lockdown began and the bands faded, Silas Presley began working on his new path as a solo artist. 


His music can be characterized as a fusion of indie pop, alternative R&B, and rock, inspired by modern artists such as ‘Steve Lacy,’ ‘Tyler, the Creator,’ and classic rock & roll groups like ‘Led Zeppelin,’ ‘Pink Floyd,’ ‘The Beatles,’ ‘Cream,’ and of course, ‘the Jimi Hendrix Experience.’ His image is strongly inspired by the fashion + culture of the 60’s and 70’s, as his idiosyncratic style, taste, and individuality is primarily what has made him stick out in his small hometown all his life. 


Currently, Silas Presley is in the process of writing + recording his own songs, as well as producing for other artists like former bandmate, Noah Gitzel, at Silas’ basement home studio, with projects to soon be shared with the world. For Silas, music is a true passion and an extension of who he is. His message is peace, love, and passion. all clearly expressed through his music and energy.


Silas P R Geworsky
Altona MB Canada R0G0B0
1 204 304 0136

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