Carly Dow
"Down This Road"

From the album Ingrained

Featured track, available from May 7 to May 15

Carly Dow's name has been popping up in a lot of places, lately. The emerging singer/songwriter, who some may remember from her time with Bog River a few years back, has been earning attention for her new solo project, including recent nods from VIES Magazine, Exclaim! (and another Exclaim!), MyToba, and more. Recorded at Private Ear and at Riding Mountain National Park, Dow co-produced her solo studio recording debut, Ingrained, with The Crooked Brothers' Darwin Baker and Jesse Matas. Now, she'll celebrate its release at the West End Cultural Centre on May 13 with a little help from The Crooked Brothers and Roger Roger. Next up, she'll head out on the road for an album launch tour across Eastern Canada and end the month on the rails as an onboard musician for VIA. On the horizon, local audiences can find her this summer at the Harvest Sun Music Festival, Shine On Festival, and Matlock Festival. Her song "Down This Road" is our featured track this week. Download, read up on Dow, and don't miss her live on stage.

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