Past song of the week / July 2017

"Into You"

From the album Fuzzstronaut

Featured track, available from July 13 to July 21

Turn up the volume and get ready to explore Mmars. The loud rock duo, which has made a name for itself in Winnipeg over the last two years, is ready to launch Fuzzstronaut, its new 10-song album via local upstart label Birthday Tapes and produced by Joe Proulx. The pair will take over The Good Will on July 22 to celebrate release, along with Rust Owl and Vampires. You can find Mmars in the June/July issue of Stylus Magazine and in a Witchpolice podcast. For you this week, we've got the band's track "Into You". Get it, get out to see Mmars live on stage, and stay tuned for a video for the song this summer. 

These songs are made available with permission of the artists/copyright holders and all rights have been acquired.

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