Micah Visser
"I Will Not Return as a Tourist"

From the album Forward

Featured track, available from September 1 to September 8

Micah Visser is ready to move Forward. Fresh from a video debut on Exclaim, the indie pop singer/songwriter's one-word titled EP is set for release this month. Recorded in a collaborative way between brother/lead guitarist Joseph Visser, producer Ryan McVeigh, and multi-instrumentalist Katlin Mathison, the album follows up the release of Visser's cassette, ok night. Consider the EP an appetizer while you wait for Visser's upcoming full-length, slated for release sometime in 2017, and head to the West End Cultural Centre on September 9 for the Forward release party. On the horizon, you can catch him live at the Harvest Moon Festival on September 16 before he heads out on a Canadian tour that includes a coveted showcase spot at BreakOut West next month in Regina. Visser's tune "I Will Not Return as a Tourist" off the upcoming EP is our featured song this week. Get it and get out to see Micah Visser live.

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