From the album Swim / Sleep

Featured track, available from August 9 to August 17

The summer of music continues with Rainbow Trout Music Festival returning to the St. Malo-area spawning grounds August 17-19 for its 10th birthday. One of the stellar local acts hitting this year's festival stage is the hauntinly melodic Tansy. Fresh from a spot at Real Love Summer Fest and a showcase at Canadian Music Week in May, you can catch Tansy live on the Saturday afternoon for a set that features collaboration with local synth/electronic artist Viva Non. Stay tuned for new music... Tansy is currently working on a full length album slated for release in 2019. To keep your ears busy until then, we've got (the rather appropriately-titled) "Swim" from Tansy's latest release, a four-song tape, Swim/Sleep. Press play and don't miss Tansy live at Rainbow Trout Music Festival.

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