New Videos from Manitoba Bands at NXNE

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Team Manitoba is ready to take over NXNE this weekend. Here's a sample of (mostly) new videos from some of the acts hitting the Toronto stages...

Enjoy Your Pumas hit El Mocambo on Wednesday, June 13 at 9pm. Check out their new video for "Walk It Off"...

Mira Black
is at Monarch Tavern at 11pm on Thursday, june 14. Watch her video for "I Remember Love"...

Jenny Berkel
heads to an old country home for her video "You Don't Hesitate". She'll be at Free Times Café at midnight on Thursday, June 14.

Ingrid Gatin
plays The Annex Live at 8pm and Cameron House at 11pm on Friday, June 15. Here's her video for "How Did I Get So"...

Watch Mise en Scene's "Hey Velvet" and then catch them at The Annex Live at 11pm on Friday, June 15.

The Noble Thiefs
finished up their spring tour of western Canada just in time to head to The Annex Live at 1am on Friday, June 15.

This Hisses
filmed "Keep What's Good in Your Heart" live at the WNDX Nuit Blanche 2011 / Guy Maddin's Hauntings closing party. See them live at The Rochester at 8pm on Saturday, June 16.

Streaming Café captured JP Hoe's "Lion & Tigers" during his Canada tour. He's at C'est What at 9pm on Saturday, June 16.

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