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Obsession evolves.

When you’re young, it’s natural. Something novel grabs your attention for the first time and takes root, then it grows, flowers and wilts. Done, on to the next one.

A different form of it takes shape in early teenagerdom. You’re looking for something - anything - to define yourself, and when you find it, sweet relief! A defining trait, the one true Obsession! You dig greedily and deeply, immersing yourself in it, until you’re barely sufferable other than to your Obsession-sharing friends, if you’re lucky to have found some.

Then you grow up a bit more. Suddenly you don’t want to be defined by one thing anymore - you’re a GROWN UP dammit, and you try to deny yourself the Obsession. You deliberately round out and try to blow up like a balloon - travel, read smart-looking books, drink wine. The Obsession is still there but becomes sophisticated, domesticated. It fades into the background and loses heat.

But all the while life is dripping itself into you. Either by intent or by accident you do become that full person. Maybe a career, some kids, health issues, death and chaos. Now, like it or not, you become so full and well rounded that you’re like a planet, with moons of responsibilities orbiting around you.

But the Obsession has been biding its time. It no longer defines you, and you no longer need to keep it at a distance to hold your balance. It’s settled in and permanent, and you can breathe new life into it without worrying it will take over.

We were lucky enough to find our obsession early. And then we were lucky enough to keep our balance. And now we’re lucky enough to welcome it back with open eyes and full hearts - and my how it has grown.

New Wales is the story of two dudes who have been tied at the hip for virtually our entire lives, sharing the Obsession and finding its final form simultaneously.

In this case, it’s music - rock music, to be precise - played loud and proud, bringing in everything that ever tickled us in our lives. Loud guitars. Big drums. Melodic and driving bass. Simple sounding songs that have depth and wisdom. The old school beauty of bands like REM and The Killers and Cage the Elephant. the gentle quirks of home recording like Elephant 6 and Tame Impala. the loving rivalry of two songwriters forever trying to impress each other.

Yeah, we got our fair share of those responsibility moons floating around - Dave’s a firefighter, Sandy’s an insurance man. There are 7 children between us. But, as they say, ‘business begets business’ and in just a few months New Wales has released 6 songs and videos, honed a sound that’s both nostalgic and fresh, and are fast getting local buzz.

The live show is big and joyous and refined. There is an album on the way, filled with their best material yet. 

The New Wales train is pulling out of the station, so best get packed and jump on.



David Pankratz
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 223 1465




"Hope We're Still in Love"



"Pure Treason"


Pure Treason by New Wales

Hope We're Still In Love by New Wales

Outro by New Wales

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