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New Wales


“With the thermometer at 30 below zero and the wind behind them, a person walking on Main Street in Winnipeg knows which side of them is which.” So theorized Stephen Leacock, describing a well understood absolute among Winnipeg ‘lifers’. It’s easy to underestimate Manitoba and its capital city of Winnipeg, hometown of indie-alternative band ’New Wales’. The vast prairie seems simple at first glance, but don’t be fooled, there are deeper layers to be found. The Hudson Bay Lowland, the Canadian Shield, the Interior Plains, and endless rivers and lakes all provide deeper interest.

‘New Wales’ draws on the simplicity and depth of the place they call home, with classic songwriting and production styles reminiscent of R.E.M. and Tom Petty, mixed with the immediacy and upbeat catchiness of MGMT and Beck. Pull back the veil on the seemingly straight-ahead pop songs and you’ll find something new every time, “I feel I’ve entered one of those vintage stores where the prices are a little higher than you want, but the crap-junk choices have already been sorted out.” says producer Rusty Matyas (Imaginary Cities, The Weakerthans).

Veteran Winnipeg Musicians David Pankratz, Sandy Taronno, Matthew Harder and Rob Mitchell have played stages all over the world, whether writing, producing or touring with their own projects or lending skills to talented friends, they’ve developed a combined century of experience in the music industry, racking up major songwriting credits, awards, and loyal fans. Two new singles, ‘Face Tattoo’ and ‘Winnipeg’, to be released in Fall 2019 are rich with big, sing-along melodies and chord structures that can offer energizing positivity, or reflective beauty. “They’re the kind of songs you have blaring out of your convertible while driving down the freeway,” says mix engineer Dave Schiffman (Vampire Weekend, The Strumbellas, Adele),“In my 25 plus years of making records I have always tried to work with artists who are true to themselves and their craft. New Wales more than fulfills that goal and I expect to hear big things from these guys.”


David Pankratz
Winnipeg MB Canada
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1993 by New Wales

Winnipeg (Official Video) by New Wales

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