Sam Gardner


Sam Gardner


Sam Gardner is a singer/songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba who blends a unique choice of words and phrasing with melodic and well crafted music. His influence and sound reflect that of Jackson Browne, Matt Mays, Kings of Leon, Bob Dylan, Joel Plaskett, Bon Iver, to name a few.

In February of 2020 Sam released his debut album 'Mirror Garden'. An album consisting of 8 songs that explores an indiduals journey through loss, acceptance, and self discovery along the way.  Within the same year he continued to write and record a number of songs including 'Lost Loved Broken City' which was released independently in December. These songs and the subject matter it deals with are a great example of the spirit and honesty that goes into Sam's songwriting and is a clear indicication of what to anticipate in his work to come. 



Sam Gardner
120 Matheson Avenue East Winnipeg MB Canada R2W0C
1 204 999 4055

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