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Hush About the City


After a ten-year hiatus, vocalist/producer Dan Kelsey [songwriter/vocalist/keyboardist, Blue Sky Addicts] is emerging from the deep and dark woods with a new, more mature sound than that of his early career.

The bedrock of Hush About the City is electronic. Folded into reverb and harmony, and drawing from analog inspirations like Jonsi and Bon Iver, Dan's new record On Making Friends also forays into the realms of tempered, bleep-bloopless electronic artists like Kasbo and Duskus, who inspire the fusion between organic tone and synth recipe.

Conveying his experiences over the last ten years, which include the jarring death of his mother, a deep emotional awakening, and the hard-but-good work that occurs in the shaping of the human condition, Kelsey’s ability to create a space with feeling is undeniable. “I think I’ve finally figured out how to sound the way I feel,” says Dan of On Making Friends. “It's a fresh start. This collection of music narrates the pain and confusion that accompanies the loss we can't escape in life. I feel so fortunate to be where I am with the trauma I lived with. It's important to acknowledge that, and part of my goal with the album and my platform is to help others acknowledge who they really are and what they feel as well. Mental health for everyone, it can’t be said enough."

What started as a six-song EP transformed through the pandemic into a full length, 10-song album. On Making Friends features a great deal of range, boasting not only of Dan’s songwriting, but also his producing and arranging, as he takes the helm for many components of the release. “The process of creating these songs has felt so intimate. To some degree you could say it’s been a pilgrimage, which I've largely done alone. I loved having a band, and I miss those days, but this feels right for the time being.”

On Making Friends is expected on 2 July 2021.


Dan Kelsey
Winnipeg MB Canada




"Good Winter" from On Making Friends



"The Life Surrounding" from On Making Friends


Wonder [Official Video] by Hush About the City

Good Winter [Lyric Video] by Hush About the City

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