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An immigrant to Canada, Marcy moved here at the age of 5, truly becoming Canadian as time progressed. Because of his young age, Winnipeg is the only city that Marcy has truly known, and his personality is an embodiment of this culture.

Starting to take music seriousuly around late 2019, Marcy released 3 tracks. Confrim, Japanese, and the acclaimed Ouu. Marcy released these three tracks on October 25, 2019 on his birthday to represent a rebirth as a musical artist. Since that date, Marcy has gone on to expand his musical arsenal, continuously looking to evolve his sound. 

Marcy has always stated that his biggest idol is Drake. Looking to Drake as a Canadian artist as well, Marcy finds pride to share a home with his idol. Other inspirations to Marcy come in the form of artists such as. Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Chance the Rapper, Roddy Rich, Ty Dolla $ign, Mac Miller, and even the likes of Adele. These influences varied in which way they were able to inspire Marcy whether it is by the way they sang, rapped, or told a story in a three minute song. 

Marcy has always stated that music is his life and that he is unable to do anything else. He will not cease until he is able to bring the joy that countless other artists have given him to the world.   Marcy's unique take on popular music is his saving grace and his only way of being able to leave a mark in our history. 



Jay Nams
30 Lamirande Place, Winnipeg, MB, Canada winnipeg MB Canada R3V1N
1 204 230 2823

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