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Moon Tan


Energetic. Funky. Progressive. Rock n’ Roll.  These are a just few elements that have been forged together to create a unique yet very familiar sound—one that is cleverly harnessed by Winnipeg's power trio known as Moon Tan. Born of three separate imaginations, their diverse influences seamlessly blend to form a new genre, or "anti-genre" of music and entertainment, which they refer to as "intergalactic space freak rock n' roll."

The band consists of three members: Adrian Dyer on bass and lead vocals, Brady Mitchell on guitar, and Nick Knock on drums. Drawing on a wide range of musical influences, Moon Tan's ability to blend genre, technique and style transformed them into a well-oiled, complex, music-making machine.

Very active in Winnipeg’s music scene, Moon Tan never fails to turn heads with their dynamic live performances. A visually stimulating show is always promised—and exceeded—as the trio each embodies their own thematic onstage avatar as a different phase of the moon—Adrian as the crescent, Brady as the half, and Nick as the full moon.  Their unique stage attire immediately captivates the audience while the theatrical performance, driving rhythms, infectious melodies, and technical expertise leave you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. Captivating both musicians and music lovers alike, they are known for providing their fans with an unforgettable show.

The trio was crowned “Best of the Fest” out of over 300 acts in Toronto at Indie Music Week 2016, and since then have opened for notable acts such as Sam Roberts Band, Collective Soul, Nazareth, Sebastian Bach, and Earthless. They are preparing to release their next album Solar Queen, which was created with producer Ian Blurton at the helm of the project. If the rave reviews from past live performances are any measure, new audiences will drive this band to even greater heights.


Adrian Dyer
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 291 8103



Moon Tan – Inquisition – Lyric Video by Moon Tan

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