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The Artist Tags has created a new vibe in music, Rare Earth Love! The new single "Meet Me On The Beach" availible April 16th 2021 on all streaming platforms starts the story line to "Beauty & The Beast" (first single release). The beat, the sounds, the harmonies, and the bassline move you through a story of why it's so important to TRY! To work for that you LOVE!  Doing nothing, costs something, when you care! 

Meet Me On The Beach gives way to Beauty & the Beast, a story line going from song to song, can you figure out the story? do you know where it will go? will it transport you away to a beach, where you fall in love? In a time where Covid and the governments has changed the fabric of our lives, there has never been a more important time for all of us to share, sing and believe. Being an independent artist has given Tags this freedom to absotruly understand that love is what matters, being yourself is what matters, giving all you can is what matters. Believe, Dream, Forgive, Be Brave!

Out of the Covid pandemic Tags found himself musical infused, He started a Quarantine Challenge on FACEBOOK, friends requested a song, that song had to be learnt in 1 hour and preformed live!

"That was scary. Every episode I hoped got better, some??? Well it taught me.... next!"

After 39 episodes he felt a new style was born and the flood gates of writing opened up. First came "Beauty & the Beast" then came "Meet Me on the Beach", then came "Rare Earth Love" and now "Something Will Give". "Patience & Faith" will definitely shake some hands and heads and "Good Morning Gorgeous".... well that one is just pure!

"The way I feel when I write and play... it's ridiculous, my heart goes supernova. I was always reluctant to play live, I have been pushing it in the last couple years and I found that being vulnerable makes you better, it makes you glow. Now is the time, the time to be real in a world where no one knows what is real anymore. The music is real, it's organic! The style is ready! The music is ready!


Christopher Talaga
East St. Paul MB Canada R2E0G4

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