The Gumshoe Strut

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The Gumshoe Strut is a movement. Literally. A prairie hip hop stalwart, who as a producer/emcee, has marched to the beat of his own drum for the better part of two decades. His production offers a special balance of punchy rhythms and obscure melodies, while his vocals are fuelled by strong imagery and a passionate delivery.

Raised as an only child by a single mom, creativity and imagination always stood out as traits that Gumshoe would carry forward into adulthood. Like many artists early on, he spent countless hours in solitude creating basement tapes that unknowingly set the foundation for the DIY attitude that would define his path. 

The Gumshoe Strut started out as part of the formative Winnipeg collective, Your Brother In My BackPack, which included long-time contemporaries, Yy, Bazooka Joe (fka John Smith), and Nestor Wynrush. He released his first solo record, ‘Clock/Works’ in 2002 and has been a staple as a featured guest on many Peanuts & Corn Records releases over the years. In total, The Gumshoe Strut has released five official solo albums, as well as, an arsenal of group and side projects that amount to nearly a dozen.

The live show is energetic and impulsive. On stage, Gumshoe's voice stretches to new lengths, his passion is on full display as his mannerisms work to captivate and engage audiences of all sizes.



Robert Groce
1 204 960 7409


Heartbeat EP



"Heartbeat" from Heartbeat EP

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