The Land League

Alt. Country

The Land League


A timeless melody emerging from their Indie Country pulse is where listeners will find The Land League, the performance alias of Irish Canadian brothers Ciaran and Jesse Scanlon. The duo began writing during the early months of 2020. Faced with isolation and a lack of live music, the two brothers decided to look inwards and write together. After years of playing in other bands they took it upon themselves to write songs influenced by what they were raised listening to: Country and Western, Irish Traditional music, and The Beatles.

The Land League’s debut single Stoned and Reckless offers listeners a glimpse into these influences. The continuous sweep of a shimmering pedal steel roots the song in its Country Western swing. Stoned and Reckless sets out to capture the electric feeling of spending a night getting cross faded in a bar (a local legion hall to be exact) that you don't entirely belong in but the night isn't going to end any time soon. Lying within the intersection of their influences, The Land League offers listeners a modern energetic sound which strives to craft a unique genre on its own terms.


Ciaran Scanlon
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