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Hola. :)

I'm Rox.C. and I play the Ukalady (ukulele). I play cover songs in English and Spanish. I choose songs that have impacted me throughout my lifetime and that others have introduced to me. I believe my songs are of an Eclectic taste. Playing songs that range from Fleetwood Mac, R.E.M, Blue Rodeo to Juan Gabriel, Sonora Dinamita, Los Angeles Azules, and the Twelve Bar Blues!

I put time and effort, creativity, passion and spirit into every song I learn! I enjoy learning them and making them my own. The songs I choose in English and Spanish are those I keep near and dear to my heart. The Spanish songs keep me connected to my Salvadorean roots. I am proud to be a Canadian Latina and enjoy sharing my experiences of growing up Latina in Canada.

I love the happy sound the ukulele brings to the songs I play, reagrdless if the song is happy or not. Playing music is a positive outlet I use to express myself. It has become an extension of the self. 

"feel all the feels, embrace them, let them go, feel again." -Rox. C.

I would love to have you as a friend and fan! 

"less talk, more Rox" (hee hee) 

Muchas Gracias. <3  


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